Wish cute girls or boys would show you the time or weather? Japan’s got an app for that…


This might not be anything new for some of you, but a website called bijin tokei/binan tokei OR bijin tenki/binan tenki can make your dreams come true, that is if you’re dream is to see a different cute boy or girl every 60 seconds.

For those who don’t know the translation is:
びじん (bijin) => beautiful lady
びなん (binan) => beautiful guy
とけい (tokei) => clock

てんき (tenki) => weather


In this site good-looking ladies and guys tell you what the time or weather is currently. Each individual appears holding a hand-written sign, stating the time or weather, and is updated every minute automatically (the clock). That means that 1440 pictures are shown every day. (Although in the course of writing this, I’ve noticed that the website can be kinda lazy and use the same man/woman more than once). The website sometimes lists the individual’s birthday, height, size, occupation, or blood type. The makers of this website were kind enough to develop an iPhone/iPod Touch app so that you can take these fetching individuals with you wherever you are.

If you’re looking for bijin:






If you’re looking for binan:






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