Female Sexuality in the 90s

The 90s brought on an awakening of female sexuality and pleasure that bureaucratic censorship provides for a double standard. Pornography is censored, yet manga shows scenes of rape and sodomy.  Oo La La encouraged women to be more demanding when it comes to pleasure. Areas around Tokyo do not see the subject of sexuality and the male and female organs as taboo, but as gods of fertility and parade them around with no shame.


Kon-Katsu (marriage hunting)


“Kon-Katsu,” short for “kekkon-katsudo,” is a spinoff from the term “shushoku-katsudo” (job hunting). Rather than waiting, many singles are taking it upon themselves to go out and strategically search for “the one” and tie the knot. Signing up with a professional marriage broker is a major kekkon-katsudo tactic.

Tokyo Disney’s First Same-Sex Wedding

Currently in Japan, gay marriage has no legal standing, but that didn’t stop these two women. Koyuki Higashi and Horoko are officially the first lesbian couple to marry at an amusement park. Disney Resorts began allowing same-sex marriages in 2007, yet none had occurred at Tokyo Disney Resort.  At first, Disney Resorts told them that there would be no problem if they married there, only if one dressed like the bride and the other the groom (i.e. one wears a wedding dress and the other a tux). They later got a call saying that they were free to mix and match their outfits and the initial response was incorrect. Higashi and Hokoro tied the knot March 1st.





Equality in Japan’s Monarchy

A succession law was brought up in the England that would allow Duchess of Cambrige’s child if born a girl, to become next in line, rather than if the Duchess had a son for her second child. A similar succession law was brought up in Japan before Prince Akishino’s son was born. Since then, the law has been pushed out and males still hold most of the power in government. There are business women that hold positions in the cabinet, but even they are rare.